About AIS

AIS is a Norwegian company that offers the Norwegian and Nordic market the most innovative solutions and technology in Cyber Security / Biometrics, Voice Recognition (ASR) and Process Automation (RPA).

AIS, together with our partners, has more than 15 years of experience in the fields of ASR and data security, and AIS will also focus on RPA as part of our solutions in data security.

AIS's vision and strategy within these focus areas is to secure the IT infrastructure of private and public companies in the future.

Our solutions

Cyber Security

AIS offers innovative solutions to detect and track invaders who have "broken" through corporate and public data network firewalls as well as secure OT sensor based management systems in the process industry.

Our partners:

ASR Automatic Speech Recognition

Speech to text used for transcribing speech into text that enables free-text search of audio files and "subtitling" of "on the fly" news broadcasts and for media observers (MO's) summary for transcribing news to its subscribers.

Based on AIS' experience and AppTek's technology in AI voice recognition technology, we offer the media industry and audio archives a tool for transcribing and indexing with an on-site adaptation of an LM (language model)

Our partners:

RPA Robotic Process Automation

Have digital robots summarize all of your company's professional systems and get them presented uniformly for efficiency and cost-saving manual tasks.

Our partners:

Consultancy services

Consultancy services / consultancy is the start of any collaboration and is important for choosing a solution provider that satisfies the individual company's business and most cost effective choice of solution.

We help your company offer expertise through our network of innovative partners with the best solutions within our focus areas

Our partners: